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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

38th adventures!

I love birthdays.  Especially one with as many surprises as 2014 had!

This year on the morning of my 38th, Patrick noted my birthday excitement. He smiled as he sensed the spark in my step and commented, "You love your birthday, don't you?". I sure do.

This year I took the day off of work, which I think I'll do more of on future birthdays! I went out to Java Flats with my girlfriend, E. Java F. is a fun small restaurant a 20 minute drive out the road. To outsiders, 20 minutes is no drive at all, but for some  Kodiak folks, its a small trek/adventure to drive for 20 minutes. There are always tall stacks of 4 or 5 varieties of home made cookies to enjoy as well as lots of sandwiches, burritos, coffee and tea. 

 I tried a new sandwich which had an incredible combination of scrambled eggs, bacon, carrots, hot sauce, and smoked salmon-all on a warm croissant. The combination of flavors was really wonderful together and so exotic!

We then ventured for a beach hike over to "Sometimes" island-an island which is available for hikes only on low tide. I've never been over there…have driven by hundreds of times in my Kodiak existence! There is a nice trail on the island, beautiful look outs and man it was fun to explore someplace new here in Kodiak. Just a reminder of what new adventures there are to be had right here in our back yard. 

Ella and I enjoyed lunch together, then around evening time, she and I met up with a small group of friends at El Chicanos. We spent several hours laughing, enjoying margaritas and nachos and then a Neopolitan birthday cake. The chocolate layer is a rich, heavy brownie-so YUM! 

My birthday  ended with  reading a box of old letters as the rest of the house slept. That was an adventure in itself.  More on that later….

Ella and the cake

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