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Monday, May 26, 2014

Last ski of the season?

Looking back up at the North Bowl and the Hot, Hot sun

Today I went for what may well be my last ski of the season.  There is still plenty of snow - the run in the North Bowl is still 1000 feet vertical.  And ironically the skiing right now is still better than it was all winter until March when we finally got some snow.  But the sun is hot and melting the snow fast and I am off on another archaeological survey.  And when I get back we are all off to Afognak Island for a family vacation.  So by the time I get another chance to ski the snow might be all gone in the North Bowl.  If so, this will be the first time 1996 that I did not go skiing on Pyramid in June.  Still I'm thinking I'm not going to let that happen!  So expect at least one more ski out of me.  Patrick

Top of the run into the North Bowl today looking down into the Green, Green world down below

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