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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

No More Easter Bunny & Room Makeover

This Easter, the kids took it upon themselves to go up in the attic, find the old plastic eggs, fill them with old candy in preparation for Easter day. This is the official year of "The Easter bunny doesn't exist"!

That said, Nora and Stuey enjoy the egg hunt tradition, so we did have 2 friends over to dye eggs and hide the plastic eggs outside. 

Holding up a completed puzzle

egg dyeing in progress 

Last summer Stuey moved into Patricks old, old bedroom. Since that time, Stueys things have been perched on top of, or alongside of Patrick's things. It hasn't seemed quite fair for Stuey to not have his own official digs, so Patrick agreed to start clearing out his room. I took this photo as the "before" pic. Its a work in progress. Now the bookshelf is gone and Stuey has more breathing room. "After" pic to come later.

The "Before" Picture

Summer fire pits continue in record breaking warm May weather. Last week we had a record breaking day of 65 degrees. Really lovely and makes it feel like July in Kodiak!


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