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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Knight to Remember

Last weekend was the annual St. Mary's Serendipity auction. This years theme was "A Knight to Remember" and the gym was dressed up in a castle theme. 

To celebrate the theme, we rented costumes from Anchorage and reserved 2 tables for a batch of peasants, knights, maid marians and kings. This kept the spirits high, bidding steady and when dessert time came-it was dessert mania!! The dessert auction is an annual tradition at the auction. Cakes go anywhere from $50 to $700! By the end of the evening, there were 4 desserts at our two tables, 3 of which were consumed on site. 

I won't say too much more about the auction except that I was just awestruck with the generosity of the community for St. Mary's. There were a few tear jerker moments where prior St. Mary's students gave testimonials about the impact that St. Mary's had on their life. The stories from prior students was a great reminder of why we were all there that evening and it was fun to share in the night with good friends. 


From left to right: Marias, Jason, MJ, Patrick, Zoya, Shanna, kelly, Erica and Dan. 

Nora's class shield

Cookie shots! Chocolate chip cookies which could be filled up with vanilla infused milk! So delicious and fun. 

The king at our table

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