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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunrise on Pyramid

I went up skiing early this morning and the sunrise through the clearing fog was gorgeous. The skiing was not all that bad either, but all the powder I skiied in yesterday had turned to crust.  We have an impressive amount of snow up there this year.  Funnily enough since we have no snow in town people are all talking about the 'mild winter' - it does not seem mild to me.  We have more snow on Pyramid than we did at this time last year.  And people already seem to have forgotten that November and December were unusually cold and snowy.  We get a warm spell every winter and it is usually in January.  Now let's hope it gets cold again for February and March!

I can already hear the complaints after a couple of weeks of cold weather - all about how this is an 'unusually cold winter'.


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