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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Adventures in Girl Scout Cookies

This is my first year as a girl scout mom, thus the first time being on the selling end of girl scout cookies.

Since Nora got her girl scout cookie form last week, there has been quite a learning curve with selling the cookies. On the parents end of things, that is.

The first night it was dark and rainy and Nora asked, "Mom, Can I go next door and ask the neighbors if they want to buy cookies?" I said, "Sure! No problem!"

Nora charged out the door with her blue Daisy smock on and order forms in hand. Stuey tagged along.  Nora and stuey returned breathless a few minutes later, reporting that the neighbors were gone and they didn't make a sale. It was then that I glanced at the cookie "rules" permission slip and it said sales should be during daylight hours. AND that parents should accompany young children. So we broke two rules at once, evidently. I sent my kids out on a dark evening, without us. The people who made the rules obviously did not live in Alaska, because its dark all the time, aside from the weekend!

Today  I decided to drive Nora around (during daylight hours) so she could get more serious about reaching her goal of 50 boxes. (If she sells 50 boxes, then she gets to go to girl scout camp for free next summer!)  To my welcomed surprise, I had a blast. When I left the house I really only had 1 or two people in mind, but then I would come upon someones house and think, "Hey, I wonder if they'd buy some cookies?" We had a chance to visit with a friend who is recovering from knee surgery, I saw my long time physical therapy mentor, and several other friends.  We had some good laughter and conversations. People were so generous, and we also sold St. Mary's School raffle tickets.

The quote of the day was we were making a cookie sale and Nora smiled and said, "We (the girl scouts) are trying to make the world a better place". The gentleman we were selling too just gave a nice smile and said, "Really? I hope that goes well".

I have fallen in love with girl scouts-Nora's Troupe does so many thoughtful, fun activities and Nora really looks forward to their meetings every other week.  Selling cookies for such a great organization is  easy. Nora glows when she proudly wears her blue smock with her earned patches all over it. Its been great for her to be part of this year.

(btw...wanna buy some girl scout cookies?) :)


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Paige Jennifer said...

Last week, I drove my sister and niece around so they could sell some girl scout cookies. I felt like the creepy lurker idling on the curb, passing off quarters so change could be made. But she hit her goal!

Count me in for ten boxes. And if you can drop them at a shelter or something of the sort on the island, perfection. Just let me know how to send along the money (

Go get 'em, Nora!