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Thursday, January 10, 2013

'Kitsmas' is Over

Everyone wearing their uniforms before leaving for work and school
 'Kitsmas' is most definitely over - thank God!  Hurray for routine and school!

The day after Christmas it started to rain and it has been fairly warm and yucky ever since.  At the start of Christmas vacation we had snow, and could take the kids skiing or sledding. The snow made everything seem bright and cheery.  The kids would go outside and play on their own.  After we lost our snow the kids stopped going outside and our house sort of became a bit like Stalag 13.  They played with Christmas toys, fought, and basically got bored.  As parents we had to do a lot of entertaining.

The night before the first day of school the kids set out their uniforms for the next day and were so excited that they had a hard time getting to sleep.  And since school started every morning Nora asks us to hurry up or we will be late to school.  I think they are very happy to be back in the school routine.

I know Zoya and I are REALLY happy to be back in the school routine.  This is especially true now that I am no longer - keeping the fingers crossed - on Kulluk Response hold.  Patrick

Off to school and work in the dark

Going to movies on base with friends - wearing the 3D glasses

Stuey's Christmas blocks only have pictures to go from - no directions

Going for a walk instead of a ski after we lost our snow

Nora and Stuey check out the Snoopy sno-cone maker

This is the picture I took just before I left on the Kulluk Response - a picture of home to look at while I was in the field

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Unknown said...

Ah the kids look so cute in their school uniforms! Going to school in the dark! Agh! The light and sunshine spoiling in me must run deep. Wonder if I will be able to adjust! Ready or not I guess.-Marias