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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

'Kulluk Response' Scenics

Sunrise over the mountains with Sitkalidak Island in the distance on our way to Old Harbor

Ocean Bay Beach near sunset - this is actually one of Sven's pictures taken with my camera

A fairly recent bear poop full of barely digested kelp - I gather the Sitkalidak Island bears often stay up all winter long eating kelp on the beaches

View of Port Hobron looking out towards both Ocean Bay (left) and Natalia  Bay (right)

Sunset and blowing snow with Natalia Bay in the distance

Pretty nasty wind!  I'm glad I'm not out there skiing!

Sunset on snow near Koniag Peak on the way home
I think - keeping my fingers crossed - that the field work portion of my involvement with the 'Kullak Response' is over.  I am not allowed to distribute pictures with any sort of Kulluk Response 'content' without Shell permission, but pretty scenics need no vetting.  Sven and I have turned in our Kulluk Response pictures and perhaps we'll get to use a few of them in later blog posts after they get the seal of approval and turn up on the official  Kulluk Response web page (  But for now these scenics ought to do.

Our work involved assessing sites near the rig grounding and determining if any archaeological sites had been impacted or were threatened by the clean up effort.  I am so glad that they got the rig off of the beach!  Patrick

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Tim Rast said...

Beautiful shots. I hope the sites were ok.