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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drama Doggie Walk

Rain, Rain and More Rain.  It is getting a bit old.  Even if it is snowing up on the mountain - you still have to trudge up through the rain to get to where it is snowing.  That's what I have been doing after work the last few days - trudging up to where it is snowing.  But today I gave up and went for a walk with the dogs.  The reefs off of Miller Point are always quite dramatic during a storm, and even more so when you use the drama setting on the camera.  Kind of amazing how calm it is once you leave the shore and get back in the spruce trees.  Calm and green - no wonder the deer prefer to winter over deep in the spruce forest.  Patrick

1 comment:

Philip said...

Some time would you take two pics of the same scene one in normal mode and the other using the dramatic so we might see the difference! Thanks
Philip Sims