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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Kulluk Response Experience

Photo by Shell Alaska. Sven and I flew over this scene on our way in a helicopter to Old Harbor on Monday.  We caught the last bit of the Kulluk's journey under tow to Kiliuda Bay.  

I finally found a way to show pictures that capture what I did during the Kulluk Response.  I went to their webpage ( and linked to their Flickr account. 

And there I got the officially sanctioned photos! Albeit they are not my photos, but I do have many similar photos and they definitely produce the 'flashback' effect on my part.

I'm not sure if I can tell what I found or learned (and I think I will err on the side of caution), but I can at least show what I was up to and what I saw.

Photo by Judy Patrick. By the time Sven and I got here the rig was gone but we looked for archaeological sites in the uplands and checked out the life rafts on the beach.  In the upper right corner of this photo you can see the spit that goes to Refuge Rock archaeological site.

No photographer noted on Flickr.  While this is not a meeting I attended - I did attend 2 meetings in this very room (I sat in the back left corner and where the photographer is situated), and all of the people in the photograph were also in the meetings I attended.  I spent a great deal of time with Colleen (Shell) and Dan (USCG) at the back center in this photo.

Photos by Judy Patrick for Shell Alaska. I am amazed that neither Sven or me is pictured in this photo. I think (based on the pilot) that this was the very helicopter that Sven took to Sitkalidak Island from Old Harbor - I took another copter exactly like this but with a different pilot to the island. 
Photo by Greg Martin for Shell Alaska.  Sven and I flew over this scene close to the time this photo was taken on our way back to Kodiak from Old Harbor.  Here the rig is anchored up deep in Kiliuda Bay.

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Zoya said...

Zoya pointed out that you can see my hat in the helicopter crew photo - so this is just before they switched me and Sven from our respective helicpters. In fact, I think the guy rushing into the photo is doing just that. Patrick