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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Just an hour out of town....

Just an hours drive out of town is a little slice of paradise called Fossil Beach. The road is a paved, bumpy, turny drive through mountains and along the ocean and ends at a place where you find buffalos, surfers, fossils in the rocks (and a rocket launch site in the distance, too). 

My sister Bonnie is in town visiting so we drove out there with the kids. It was a perfect day for the drive-dry cold weather.   The kids have never been out there before. 

We made a pit stop at the little quickie mart for gas and junk food on our way out of town. This ensured that on the way back we had two hyper kids. Bless Patrick's heart for sitting between the two kids on the way home. He definitely took one for the team. 

I vowed to myself that I need to go out there more regularly, there are great places to explore. It really is a little slice of heaven. And there are almost always surfers out there to admire, as they brave the cold waters. 


Nora atop a cliff after a bit of a hike
Stuey, Bonnie and myself at Fossil Beach. 
Nora's pet stuffed bison, Brownie, with his Kodiak "peeps" (fellow bison) in the background!  Nora was very excited to see live buffalo!

The gorgeous fossil beach 
As Nora hiked, Stuey watched the surfers. BRRRRR!!!

Crossing a stream

Patrick and Nora 

picture-no drama effect

picture with drama effect!

Group times at Fossil Beach!

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Molly Odell said...

Who doesn't love Fossil Beach?!? I am quite partial to Roslyn though - not a bad beach to grow up a 1/4mi from. It has great sand, a great creek for swimming and fishing, and great roads for riding bikes!