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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stuey's Idea of Our Life & Salesman One-Liners

Artwork, by Stuey. Note the mountain climbers on the peaks. And our house sits below.  I''m the one drawn in red. 

Last Sunday we headed out again in the  cold Sunday afternoon to finish selling up school raffle tickets and Girl Scout Cookies.

As with the prior weekend, I had a blast selling. We had lots of good laughs in the hour and a half we trekked down our road from house to house.

A few of the one-liners from the afternoon~

Stuey: "Wow, Your house is really clean". The owner of the house gave a thrilled smile, looked at me and proceeded to say, "Wow, hes a good salesman!" Suffice to say, the gentleman bought several boxes of cookies!

Nora: When making the last raffle ticket sale of the day, a raffle ticket customer said, "I hope you sold me the winning ticket, Nora. How can I know its the winning ticket?"

Nora smiled, shrugged her shoulders and replied-quite seriously-, "You just have to pray to God really hard."

The lady laughed and said, "Can you do that for me? I think we'll have better luck if it comes from you than me!" The lady and I laughed together and as I walked out of the house, Nora asked, "mom, why was that so funny?"

And many thanks to a kind blog reader in Philadelphia who sent a comment and offer to help with Nora's cookie sales by buying 10 boxes of cookies. Nora was thrilled! She exceeded her goal. 



Molly Odell said...

Tell Stuey I am very impressed by his drawing! I especially like the mountain climber on his/her head! Does he have an explanation for what he or she is doing upside down?

Zoya said...

I just asked Stuey - that me climbing up and falling down the mountain. Stuey is on the mountain to the left, 'flying like an airplane', and Nora and Mommy are down by the house. Patrick