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Friday, November 25, 2011

Walks and Swimming

Two days ago we all took a great walk down the driveway on the road a ways. There are so many incredible hikes into the desert on various trails that Patrick and Polly know about from 30+ years of coming here since childhood.

The kids loved scampering up the big rocks, and Stuey got himself stuck several times on big rocks. He would cry but not want anyone to help him. He is a very determined, stubborn little guy at times. Along the way Jack found an old small snakeskin-see photo!

Polly showed us where the horse graveyard was. There are about 4-5 horses in the horse graveyard, with gravestones from the 70’s and 80’s. Patrick and Polly both remember way back when there were horses here on the property and they even remembered all of the horses. The last of the horses on the property died in 1986. By the end of the walk Stuey was beet red and very warm. Fortunately Polly brought water for him to drink and when we returned to the house, everyone went to the pool and played for a long time.

In the pool, Stuey is learning how to doggie paddle. He has had semi-deflated orange arm inflatables on, but they don’t provide much support as he jumps in and swims along the side of the pool. We watch him like a hawk. He is learning the art of blowing out his air underwater and struggles to not hold his breath. It is such hard, good work for him. He has been very tired and extra grumpy in the evenings from it.


Pictures: Outdoor shower which has warm water. Love taking showers in it after swimming!
Stuey and his water "wings"
Horse Graveyard
Hiking in the desert
Nora and I playing cards. We play lots of rounds of Crazy 8's! She loves her card games.

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