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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doula Bits

In the past several weeks I have had doula meetings with several new clients due in early 2012. My first meetings are very relaxed, just a chance for me to get to know the couple, and them me. Often the dads have questions about exactly what does a doula do? And it gives me a chance to learn about them and their lives together.

-A couple had returned from a trip where they had taken a "pets and pacifiers" class~how to safely introduce baby to your pet and make your home a safe atmosphere for the baby and dog. They bought a CD of a baby crying that they play during the day occasionally to help get the dog used to the noise! Evidently the dog starts sniffing around the speakers, looking for the baby! Pretty cool what modern inventions there are for helping ease the transition for our four legged friends...

-I always remind couples what an honor it is to be with a couple at birth. I don't want them to ever think that its just "another day on the job" for me. They always look relieved when I remind them that it is such an honor to be part of the preparation and birth process. I am emotionally invested into their experience and I want them to know this. I consider it an invite of the highest honor: to be invited to the birth of someones child!

-Sometimes my doula clients are often my physical therapy clients as well. This is great, as we have lots of time to talk about labor and birth (if they want) as I am working on their backs/neck pain (most commonly).
Recently I had a physical therapy client who met with me about hiring me as her doula; she said she felt so calm and relaxed at physical therapy when talking about labor and birth with me. She felt like this calmness about birth would transfer well to the labor and delivery room. Her husband was in full support of a doula presence because of this. I was really honored to hear her articulate this-as I definitely try to give women positive, helpful information about labor and birth during physcial therapy. It can be such a great time for trust building and learning about eachother.

-Several weeks ago Winona and I were at a birth together and we just recently received this invite from the new parents. As I read it, I got goosebumps on my arm. I've never been to such a christening ceremony using a coast guard ships bell! (The SPAR is a Coast Guard Ship).
I am sad to miss it but will get the details from Winona as she'll be going.

Zoya, Winona,

You are cordially invited to a Christening Ceremony for (name) on Wednesday, November XX at 1030 onboard USCGC SPAR. We will be doing a traditional christening ceremony using the ship's bell and hosting a reception on-board afterwards.

ODU's or civilian clothing can be worn

Very cool!


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