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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hard to Leave Snow

Now that we are off to Arizona for Thanksgiving, Kodiak is guaranteed a week of good weather. This always seems to happen. I leave Kodiak and while I am gone it is cold and snowy. In a perfect world I'd leave and it would be warm and rainy, or just unseasonably warm.

At least this time we got some cold and snow before we left. We have had snow for a week now, and for the last few days the highs have been in the 20's. Awesome weather! Hopefully it will still be awesome when we get back.

And never fear, I will enjoy temperatures in the 70's too. I am not a total killjoy. But I must admit the thing I am looking forward to the most is the well-stocked vegetable aisles in lower 48 supermarkets. That and wandering around aimlessly in the desert.

Photos: The harbor at dawn one day on my way to work (Stuey looked at the photo and thought the boat in the foreground was on fire), and Zoya cross country skiing today on the Upper Buskin (my favorite place to ski).

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