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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Venturing out Independently

Before I had kids, I had the certain moments in my head about what it would be like. My picture-perfect idea of how to kids would behave, do at certain ages, etc. One of them was playing outside in the snow. I always had visions of kids getting in their snowsuits (without help) and running out the door to play endlessly in the snow.
6+ years later, that moment has finally arrived at the Saltonstalls. Little to no help is needed for the kids to get themselves dressed to go play in the snow.

Yesterday morning as I cooked pancakes for breakfast, the kids got geared up and did some pre-breakfast sledding on our hill. I was in heaven and looked at Patrick and said, "Isn't this lovely?". We had 20 minutes of quiet in which I could enjoy my coffee and cook and Patrick could catch up on sports news on-line. Parenting has lots of "more challenging" moments, so the moments where the kids are independent and happy, playing outside AND they initiated it all? Priceless!

Yesterday after school Nora and Stuey asked to go cross country skiing. Patrick was thrilled with this request and responded with an immediate YES and helped gear them up! (He secretly dreams of Nora and Stuey being on the first Kodiak Cross Country ski team....who will beat the kids from Los Anchorage!!)
The kids do a big ski loop around our lawn and are getting more adept at going up and down the little hills, too.


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