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Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Travel

Late tonight we head out for Thanksgiving break to go to Arizona for the holiday. We'll be meeting up with Patrick's sister and her husband and two boys. This is the first out of state trip we've taken with the kids since we went to France last year with the Haakansons. Its hard to believe we took a then 3 years old, Stuey to France last year...and had a good time! A year of maturity will make such a difference for travel in general. Nora and Stuey are quite excited about a "big" airplane ride. I"m thrilled with our flight plan, as we are on a direct Anchorage-Phoenix flight-a 5 hour overnighter.

In Arizona we always stay at the same house; its an hour northwest of Phoenix in Wickenberg. This will be Stuey's first time there and Nora hasn't been there since she was a baby so she doesn't really remember it. Looking forward to hiking, sunshine and time with our long distance family.


Photos are from prior trips to Arizona over the years.

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