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Friday, November 25, 2011


Yesterday we enjoyed thanksgiving here in Arizona with Polly, John, Jack and Sam. Patrick de-boned the turkey, where he takes most of the bones out, lays the meat flat, then puts the stuffing in it and wraps it up. This was his first time doing it by himself and he used the internet descriptions for assist. His prior knowledge with carving up animals in the field helped a lot,,,as he had an idea where muscles and tendons went.

The dinner was yummy and fun-asparagus, stuffing, turkey and apple crisp for dessert. Polly made apple crisp with apples from Maine and it was delicious!

Good times in Arizona for thanksgiving!

Today is our last day of vacation and we will begin packing up for the return trip home tomorrow. We’ll be returning to cold, snowy Kodiak! Back to skiing!


Pictures: The one of Nora on the floor was after dinner. She was exhausted; it was only 6:00! She was closing her eyes to go to sleep and went to bed shortly after the photo was taken!!

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Bob K. said...

Wow - de-boning a turkey. You'll have to give me the low-down on that one, Patrick!