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Sunday, November 06, 2011


Yesterday I returned from Anchorage for a short trip for to take Powerflex classes, go shopping, to see my older sister and to get a haircut. For the haircut, I decided to go significantly shorter at the last minute. I think I got 4 inches or so cut off, which felt great. Now when people ask how to tell my twin sister and I apart, I can confidently say "My hair is shorter". Until now, when people ask I stagger and say, "I"m not really sure...". That's not terribly helpful.

The most important reason for my Anchorage trip was to attend powerflex classes, which I attended 2 of. The first one was with an instructor (Dena) who was a hoot! She had her hair in side pony tails, sang along to lyrics and had her eyes closed singing along lots of the time. Lots of fun and made us laugh. The second class was with Becky, who was excellent with form. There were over 30 focused people in that group and she was big on giving various cues on how to hold our bodies during the moves. After both classes, I took tons of notes in the car and am ready on Monday with some new moves in my Kodiak powerflex class!!


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Anonymous said...

I like the new cut. To the question 'how do I tell you and your twin apart", I would respond "we answer to different names"! ;)