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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Uksuq Taiyuk - Winter is coming

The first official termination dust occurred way back in September (it actually snowed on us during our elk hunt). Now the snow is on the mountains around town. It is definitely moving on down the mountains. Pretty soon we will have snow in town and winter will have officially arrived. Nora can't wait to go sledding and I can't wait to go skiing. We all long for the less hectic days of winter. We all long for our winter cocoon.

This is a panoramic of the termination dust that I took yesterday while hunting ptarmigan. Not quite the detail you'd get in a gigapan! But it's pretty even without the detail. In fall the ptarmigan are usually in flocks way up high in the mountains and they follow the snow down to lower elevations. I did not see any ptarmigan - so I guess the snow is not here yet. Patrick


Akensee4miles said...

Beautiful shot. Your lens seems to capture the grandeur of The Last Frontier every time.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Thanks! I actually went back up there today and forgot my camera. We got a bit more termination dust and it was beautiful. Just no ptarmigan. But really, I'm up there more for the exercise (to get ready for ski season) than for meat. Patrick