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Friday, October 09, 2009

In Portland for a Class

I arrived to warm Portland yesterday morning and spent the day down town walking around--doing shopping and eating at some fun restaurants. The highlight was an ice cream cone from Ben and Jerrys before I headed to my hotel-it was some coconut, chocolate bar ice cream flavor which isn't available in stores! So yummy.

Last night I scoped out the local pool options. The swimming portion of my triathalon needs MAJOR help, so its good motivation to find swimable water while away for my class. Yesterday I found water which wasn't swimable. It was a very small YMCA nearby the hotel. The pool was small and the place in general wasn't kept up. There was a sign on the sauna which said, "Closed, please do not enter. Major sanitary risk." Then there was the jacuzzi tub which was completely empty, probably for sanitary reasons as well. Then I saw the pool. It was cloudy and just a mom and child swimming in it. That should've been a pretty good indicator that it wasn't the best lap pool around. I did about 15 minutes of back stroke-I was literally afraid of putting my head under the water. The one time I did I caught a sight of some algae. Seriously.
The nice guy at the front desk directed me to a larger acquatic center nearby, which I went to thie morning. It was HUGE and only shallow end swimming for laps! Yeah! Thats my kind of pool. It was fun to get there at 6AM and have the place buzzing with swimmers. I've decided that the kickboard and I are going to be good buddies for a while as I get my kick stronger and get comfortable with breathing underwater. I've realized that I'm blowing out my air too quickly. So many good things to learn!

My class starts in half an hour. It is an advanced class in the series of classes I've been taking the past year and half. I'm very excited, as I haven't done a physical therapy class in this technique since October of last year! The one I was scheduled to go to in Anchorage last spring was cancelled due to volcano. Silly mother nature! :)

I"m PT world!


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