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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin & Scarves

Stuey goes to Sue's house during the day 3 1/2 days a week and recently he has loved playing with silk scarfs! He must find the texture appealing. When I went to pick him up the other day, he was giggling uncontrollably and hiding underneath the scarfs! Today Patrick found him dressed in the scarfs. What a great time he has!

Dicky was kind enough to carve our halloween pumpkins when he was here. Nora helped scoop out the insides and Dicky somehow managed to carve all the details on the two small pumpkins. This was the first year that the kids have seemed old enough to really get into (and understand) holiday festivites around Halloween. When we go to stores or peoples homes, Nora chimes, "Mom-look. Halloween decorations!". And she knows she is going to be a lion for halloween. I got her costume at Once Upon a Child-the used kids clothing store in Anchorage. I'm planning on skipping the whole downtown trick or treating scene-just seems like it'd be way too overstimulating with too much candy. I think we'll just opt for her wearing her costume at preschool and maybe going to a few neighbor houses!


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