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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Portland Happenings

Day 2 of my class begins today...It is strain counterstrain technique for visceral (organ) or lymphatic systems. Similar to what osteopaths do for visceral manipulation. Very cool information and lots of lab time with excellent instructors. The strain counterstrain classes are just fabulous. Its nice to be around 29 other PT's who have same philosophies, skills, interests, etc...

This morning I went swimming once again at the acquatic center down the road and it happened to be Masters Swimming morning. So the nice coach, Tim, gave me some pointers on my stroke-particularly with breathing and using the breaths as a chance to roll to my side and take a small break. This really helped decrease my out-of-breath feeling at the end of a length. I'm realizing that I most definitely won't be able to do the whole triathalon with freestyle stroke, but at least i'll be able to do part of it. When I get home, I"m looking forward to doing a swim across Mill Bay to get the feeling of what a 1/2 mile open water swim is like.

Off to class...


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