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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Open Water Triathlon Training

1 week from today is the Catalina Island Triathlon that I'm flying down to California for. The last minute preparations included a final ocean swim and Jennifer Eubank graciously offered to "show me the ropes" of how to do it. (Jennifer is in training to swim the English Channel next summer-a 26 mile crossing! Yowsers!!)

We met at Mill Bay and the weather was sunny, but COLD. 38 degree air temp, 48 deg. water temperature. All day I had to mentally psyche myself up about it. I thought, "oh it won't be bad at all."
As Nora sometimes says, "Silly Mom!!". :)

It was freezing. I think my feet are still recovering-6 hours later.

The good part was that I actually did head-in-the-water crawl stroke for a few minutes. It felt good to know that I could do it in the ocean! That was big progress from early September when I went. And I love my wetsuit.

I decided that I'm probably not hearty enough to become a regular open water Kodiak swimmer. Call me a wimp, but it was COLD!!

Catalina Island and 60 degree water temperatures-here I come! :)


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Jesse said...

The good news is, it's warm down here in LA! Temps this week in the high 70's, low 80's at the beach, so Catalina should be just right (you don't know me, but my girlfriend is from ADQ/PL and knows Patrick- we both follow the Kodiak/ANC blogs and count the days 'till we move back home). Best of luck! Kudos, by the way, for swimming Mill Bay. Brrrrrrrrrrr.