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Sunday, October 04, 2009

End of an Era

This week marks the end of an important era in my life-breastfeeding my kids. I weaned Stuey this last week. I have been nursing for 4 solid years. For about 3 months after Stuey was born, I even nursed both kiddies. (It definitely didn't impact his growth in any negative way!!) Time has flown! Stuey has done well with weaning, as have I. We were both ready. It is a time that has meant so much--for the kids health, and for my health. Now the time that I would usually spend nursing, Stuey and I sit on the couch and read a book. I love one-on-one time with my little guy.


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Meghan said...

Great pictures, Zoya. Congratulations on the latest step in your parenting adventure! You are a such a great mom-Nora and Stuey are lucky kids.