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Friday, October 23, 2009

Disappointed in the New Pool

I'm very disappointed in the new pool, and concerned about the Borough Building a new High School.

The New City Pool opened 2 weeks ago and there are already grave problems with it. A few of the things are quite trivial...There wasn't hot water in the locker room for some time, but that appears to be fixed. There aren't hair dryers (architecture oversight, perhaps) and the swimsuit ringer-outer machine is already broken.

But the biggest problem is the standing water on the floor in the locker room and deck. Its disgusting. The womens locker room today smelled VERY strongly of urine. I went swimming after the middle school swim, and evidently lots of them "went" in the shower. And the drainage in the locker room is so poor that the floor has puddles of stagnant water. Also, where the water drains down in the corner, there is already brown discoloration forming. Argh. This pool is only 2 weeks old with these problems already? There have already been detour cones for us to walk around puddles of stagnant water as you head from the locker rooms to the pool.

I can hardly bring myself to use the main locker room again. The smell was so bad. I think I will resort to using the family locker rooms, as I imagine those are less impacted by the school traffic.

The residents of Kodiak just voted on a school bond issue to build a new high school-and I have serious concerns about who will be overseeing this process--can someone guarantee that the same problems won't happen with the new high school?

Its tempting to write a letter to the editor, but I probably won't...for fear of really upsetting people who worked hard on it. I think there does need to be slight public outcry about the poor status of the new pool. It makes the base pool look like a luxury pool-and the base locker rooms seem more like spa locker rooms. Thats pretty sad.



Isiik said...

write the letter! I was so excited to bring Emmy there, and now I am afraid to!

Marnie said...

I'll be happy to sign or help draft a letter to send to the city; I think that is who is supposed to maintain the pool. I too was shocked at the lack of cleanliness. I too plan on using a family room, of course, that's because I am with Abby (she runs away). She slipped and fell in the main changing room because of standing water.

Sue and Brian said...

Nora has told me several times, "The new pool is falling apart and there are no hairdryers!" I so wanted this to be a great thing for our community. I was looking forward to bringing Fiona swimming but now... I'm not so sure. I agree, write the letter!