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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Home Front

Zoya's in Portland and my brother Dicky is visiting from Maine. Tomorrow we are off to Uyak Bay for a goat hunt. I hope we come back with more meat than we did on the elk hunt. In the meantime Dicky and I are entertaining the kiddos.

Today during a break in the weather we took the kids and dogs for a walk in Abercrombie. We actually managed to get the stroller all the way around the lake. Nora and Stuie loved it when we carried the stroller over obstacles with them in it. Dicky at the front end and me behind. The kids got out and walked when they wanted. We even found a few blueberries and raspberries. Berry season is not done with yet! The best part of the hike was at the beach. The recent storm had kicked up the waves and the beach was covered with interesting flotsam. Nora, of course, gravitated to the cliffs, but today it was too wet for climbing. Patrick

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My Little Family: said...

You are such a fun daddy Patrick! Say hi to Dickey - I have his artwork hanging in my entryway.