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Monday, October 05, 2009

Last Elk Hunt Post till next year

One last elk hunt post. Tonight I made a video of our hunt and posted it on YouTube. I realized that if we had actually harvested an elk I probably would not have posted on YouTube. Somehow that would seem a little disrespectful to the elk. But since our hunt only ended up as a hard core hiking and camping trip while carrying heavy guns - I'll post and you got it! On the other hand creating a hunt video without achieving the goal did take a central focus/climax out of the movie.

However, worse of all, I just noted that YouTube 'muted' my audio. I gather using the Greatful Dead as the backdrop for a hunting video was just going a bit too far. Oh well. The scenery is still cool, and hey you got subtitles. It's now just an old time movie. I ought to make it black and white. Put Charlie Chaplin in there! So when you play it just imagine the Greatful Dead playing in the background. I had chosen 'Truckin' for the first half and 'touch of Grey' for the second half. I don't even like the Grateful Dead, and now I have a good reason to never use their music on another video - EVER! Now I have an excuse to never listen to them ever again. To me the Grateful Dead are truly dead. Patrick

To see the video cut and paste the following:

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