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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hide and Seek

Lately the kids love playing Hide and Seek. The funny part about Saltonstall Family hide and seek is that the kids hide in plain sight. Its quite cute!

Recently in the morning or evening we've been going for frequent walks down Cliffside Road. Nora and Stuey run ahead a little ways and say, "Wait, Mamma, Wait". Then they step off the the side, behind a bush or tree and I count down then say, "ready or not, here I come!". Even when they are in plain sight, I pretend to not see them for a few seconds, which always makes them giggle loud. It is such a fun age right now with them. Stuey used to have to be carried for part of our walk down the road, but he hasn't asked to be held for a while. He and Nora relish in sprinting a short distance ahead of me.

Nora has recently been training Stuey how to say, Your Welcome.
Stuey replies, "Thank you" when someone says thank you to him. Its quite cute, actually, and a habit I don't mind him holding onto. Lately I think it bothers Nora, so she has been putting Stuey through "you're welcome" training, calling him on it when he says "thank you". She'll say, "Stuey, say You're Welcome". I think maybe he is starting to understand the whole concept!

Today as we were walking down the road, Nora said, "Mom, did god make these trees? Did god make us anklebiters?" (referring to herself and Stuey).
Nora has taken to doing elaborate little drawings on her magna doodle board. Its fun to watch her go on it and connect all the lines and boxes together. I see her making lots of various connections in her speech and drawing since starting preschool-I think its been a great addition to her schedule this fall!

About 5 people have told me they agreed with my letter to the Editor about the pool. Its good to have the feedback from the community and friends. Tonight when I was gone with the kids walking, Patrick answered the phone to someone local who called to tell me he agreed with my letter about the pool. I am so thrilled to have the discussion about it and get the awareness up about this 16 million dollar facility. It reminded me of when my dad would write letters to the editor and get phone calls for a couple of days after.
This morning at the pool, we discovered that the "EXTRACTOR" machine for the swimsuits works! yeah! And it looks like at least 2 drains have been added in the hallway from the locker room to the deck. Plus, there wasn't the brownish discoloration on the drain that was present last week, so perhaps some serious cleaning has been happening there. Its coming together! I'm so thrilled! I'm really enjoying swimming.


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