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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Great 'Hiking' on Afognak

We got back from our Afognak Island elk hunt late last night.  Unfortunately, we did not bring back anything in the way of protein except for some fish (a couple of halibut, some cod, and rockfish).  We got shut out on Elk - but we did get in some GREAT hiking with guns (more later).  We put in some serious miles and covered a lot of country, but did not find the herd.  On our return we learned from another hunter that the herd was in the valley we had planned to hunt the last day.  Weather kept us off that beach.  This was sort of the theme of the trip - weather and events seemed to conspire against us.

One small herd that we did locate on a distant mountain side already had been chased off by other hunters by the time we got to it.  Fog in the valleys at the beginning of the trip kept us from finding herds in the valleys.  And there was always the wind.  A strong northeast wind kept us off of some of the beaches that accessed the best elk valleys.

Below are some pictures of the fog that plagued the first few days of our trip.  A beautiful meteorological phenomena but not all that conducive to great elk hunting.


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Molly said...

Cool fog, beautiful pictures!