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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frost and Test Pits

Yesterday Jill and I went on an archaeological 'recon' survey up Salonie Creek.  The frost crystals were spectacular.  We noticed that when the light was just clearing the Heitman Mountain ridge that the frost crystals lit up with blue and other colors.  I tried to capture this in the photo above but it only captured the colored lights on the bottom half of the photo.  We decided that the mountain was diffracting (bending) the rays of light that were just clearing the mountain and so creating rainbows.  When the light was not diffracted the crystals had white light flares only.  Does this sound like a good explanation?

Ironically after digging lots and lots of test pits last week and finding very little - yesterday we found a 4 to 6 thousand year-old site with our first test pit.  BINGO.  In the photo above Jill is holding an extended 2 meter tape down into the hole.  Our 50 by 50 cm test pit was 140 CM deep before we had to quit without reaching the bottom.  Below Jill also has the tape extended in a more normal test pit.  The latter test pit is typical of what we found all last week.  The stratigraphy in the new site we found yesterday looks very much like what we uncovered at the Amak Site last summer.

Below is a view of the sun clearing the Heitman Ridge.  Patrick

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