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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Its Official! Keys in hand...

Its official...I signed my business rental lease today and am formally an occupant of my new space for A Balanced Approach, at 3833 Rezanof, next to Mill Bay Coffee.

As I stood there waiting for my landlord to return with some photocopies, I looked out the window and watched people come and go from the coffee shop (which is my neighbor). I am surprised by the amount of traffic which comes in and out of the building and am excited about the social aspect of my new location.  The building has a good energy. It has this great social vibe to it, which is in sharp contrast to my current space which  isn't occupied for most of the daylight hours.

Today I found myself turning into "bridezilla". I wish there was some other way to explain it, but it is that feeling of knowing what you want, having a deadline and not feeling terribly flexible as far as how to get it. As a bride during the weeks preceeeding my wedding 9 years ago,  I had moments of feeling that way...and the term has been coined "bridezilla" by some.

For example, today after signing the lease, it suddenly became very important to me to have a sign outside. I went to the local print shop, walked in and said, "I will need a sign made of this material. I want it done in 3-4 weeks. Can you do it in 3-4 weeks? If not, I will need to look at Anchorage or off island." They were extremely helpful and said they could order the supplies from anchorage and it shouldn't be a problem to have it done...and they even offered to measure it.

In normal circumstances, I wouldn't mind if it took longer, months and months but with moving my business, it is important to me to have a solid sign announcing my new location. I'm so excited to be someplace more visible and eager to take advantage of it.

In my excitement about moving into the Mill Bay Plaza Building, Nora laughed and said,
"Mom, I think you're going to be there and just drinking coffee and eating muffins all day!" We got a good chuckle out of it and we laughed together.

I'm reminding myself to take one step at a time with the moving process. There is significant work to the interior which needs to be done (walls built, flooring installed), but in the meantime I will need to look at office furniture, and many odds and ends which I have borrowed from my landlord at my current location.  Trying to keep my eye on the big picture and not feel overwhelmed by the details.

Its all exciting and a moment I've been waiting for- a bright, large inviting space for my business.


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