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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Elk Hunting Begins

The Elk Crew is off to Afognak. 3 of the 5 hunters are from out of town and after a frenzy of packing on Saturday morning, they departed on the seine boat Saturday afternoon. Patrick called as they crossed the head of Mill Bay, so the kids and I could wave to them from the porch. The waters were nice and calm as they motored away from Kodiak and to Afognak. 

The weather is warm and forecast is good. Today was their first day hunting and no word from them as of yet. Looking forward to hearing news of a successful hunt and of their stories after! There are always some good ones!

In other news, this week I sign the lease on the rental space where I will be moving my business to! The view below is where the indoor cycling classes will be taught. The tape is on the floor is where half walls will be constructed to provide more of a barrier for the space. The entry door to the business space will be moved to allow for better flow of traffic. Construction will begin in the next two weeks and move in perhaps in 6 weeks or so.
The feedback from people in the community has been positive and the move is exciting for me, something that I"ve wanted to have happen for a while now. More space for my business.


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