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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The past few weeks have been filled with projects. Good, hearty projects. The quilt, seen below, is one project which I finished late last night. It will be auctioned off for the Isle Bells Handbell concert in early December. The name of it is "Forest Green". The pattern was a new one, and I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking I'll use it again in the future! It is a fun way to really display batik style fabrics. 

And the other project is at work; the new space! Brent W. has been burning the midnight oil working on my new business space, building walls, putting in lights, electrical, etc. The progress is outstanding! Every time I go in there is something new to ooooh and aaah over! Its time to really start thinking about paint colors so today I went to Sutliffs and got some samples to start mulling over different color options.

I"m truly in heaven. As I walk through the space, I am so excited about having it filled with enthusiastic clients and people coming in from out of the winter rain and darkness to work out! And get physical Therapy!


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