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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wintery Sunday

This morning we woke up with lots of snow so Patrick and I got a sitter for the kids and went to Abercrombie Lake to ski. The kids were so excited about a sitter all morning. I think because they haven't had a babysitter for so long, and after being with us more or less 24/7 for the past week, they were looking forward to a break from the 'rents'.

Patrick and I skiied for an hour and 15 minutes and the time flew by. We went at the perfect time, as by the end of it, the weather turned to rain. Since taking 2 cross country ski lessons in Anchorage last year, I"ve been trying to work on making my form a bit more efficient, so days like today were perfect. Especially for skiing around the lake over and over again.

At one of my ski lessons last year, I videoed my instructor, Lili going over all the cues I needed to work on. Today I watched that video, wrote down the pointers and said them to myself on the lake. It really helped to watch the video as a reminder of what I was working on last winter, as its been 8 months since I've been working on ski form.

And then this afternoon, I had another wintery holiday moment by going to Isle Bells Holiday concert. It was so beautifu and perfectl. I was in awe. What a phenomenal group of women producing wonderful music together. I was so happy for Ella up there directing--what a gift. Stuey and Nora loved the concert as well...Stuey is a VERY enthusiastic clapper, I've discovered!


Ella and Stuey
Me on Lake Gertrude at Ft. Abercrombie

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