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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vulture Peak

Ever since my first trip to Wickenburg in 2002, I’ve heard about and seen Vulture Peak. It is a uniquely shaped mountain that I had heard was fun to hike and I never had the chance to do it. Today Polly, John and my two nephews Jack (11), and Sam (9) hiked up Vulture Peak. It was a blast. It was a 3 hour roundtrip trek- 4 miles.

The weather was the perfect temperature (high 60’s/low 70’s), the views were incredible and it was fun to catch up with Polly and John and my nephews. I was most impressed with my nephews…they didn’t complain or say “are we there yet” at all. Jack got a blister on his foot, but made very little deal out of it. We had lots of good laughs and conversations on the way up and down.

When we got home, the kids were playing by the pool. When we were gone Patrick took them to the local Wickenberg museum which evidently was a blast! The evening was filled with all of us cooking together in the kitchen, music playing, Nora helping Polly cook apple crisp, Sam helping Stuey make paper airplanes….
Very good family times.


-Group picture on Vulture Peak
-View from the Top
-My sister-law-Polly and I at the start of the hike. Vulture Peak is behind us.
-My nephews, Jack and Sam and I taking a break. They were awesome hikers!
-Hanson-Saltonstall family pic!
Evening scene on the front deck.

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