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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 2 of Vacation

Day 2

Everyone slept well and moods with the kids are even better today. Yesterday Stuey had a rough day…between being exhausted, getting stung by a bee at the pool, then taking a 2 hour nap which left him feeling crummy in the evening. This morning the kids are back to regular programming with playing dump trucks in the dirt outside, drawing /painting and playing Crazy 8’s.

This morning we went on a short-ish walk through a “wash” in the desert…where water runs when it rains. We checked out lots of different cacti, Stuey cried and we walked back to the car.

Its been nice not having WIFI where we’re staying. To post on the blog, we park in front of a friend’s house to download our blog post. Patrick chomps at the bit wondering how his sports teams are doing…..

Kid quotes

“This is Stuey , this is mommy, this is daddy, this is Nora and this is the bringer-out-food person. And this is the pilot.”- Stuey explaining who is in the windows on the paper airplane he made. The “bringer-out-food person translates to flight attendant.

“This water makes us sick?” -Stuey after drinking tap water. He was thinking back to Barcelona when several of had digestive difficulties from the water.

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