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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A little bit of this, A little bit of that....

The thing about labor support work is that mother nature can call at anytime day or night. Today was a day where I did a bit of everything ....from labor support, to Physical therapy, to fitness to family.

I've recently been helping train my office manager, Winona, in doula work and we decided to share responsibilities with her first client. And provide back up for eachother. Yeah! Back-up! A necessity for long labors. Ones that go 24+hrs.

Winona's doula client went into labor a couple of nights ago and last night at 9 PM I went in to the hospital to provide some relief time for Winona and the laboring moms' husband to take naps. I was at the hospital from 9pm-2am, came home and slept until 6 AM. Texted Winona at 6, and realized the mom was still in labor, went back to the hospital for 1 hour so Winona could take her boys to school.

Then off to the clinic I went to see physical therapy clients from 8:30-1pm. Took dogs for a walk, picked up kids and taught Powerflex Strength Training class from 4-5. At the end of the dinner tonight (Patrick made roasted potatoes and veggies...bless his heart...yummy) I laid on the couch and said, "wow. I'm tired!". All day I was going, going, going and it hit me what an action packed day it was!

Its always wild to shift gears between helping a woman in labor, to seeing physical therapy clients, to being with the kids, to teaching Powerflex classes. They are all such different interactions with different groups of people.
Doula-A lot of listening. Thinking. Offering body work/massage. Giving breathing help as needed.
Physical Therapy-Again a lot of Listening. Hands on manual therapy work. Thinking about next step needed for progress...offering home program.
Teaching Powerflex-Energizing! Have to be on it with energy for class. Tonight I had 8 participants and felt like I really pushed the group. Have to keep smiles coming to folks and give positive feedback on form.
Being with Kids: fun. Being silly. Tickling Stuey. Drawing.


Stuey sorting his halloween candy. His favorite recent pastime.

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