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Saturday, November 19, 2011


After an overnight flight from Anchorage to Phoenix we safely arrived to the gentle warmth of of the South West. Stuey had a low moment in the aiport waiting to board and another small one on the airplane, but then quickly fell asleep.

Nora and Stuey were fascinated by freeways, cactus’ and said “are we there yet” about 100 times during the 1 hr drive from the airport to WIcknberg where we are staying. Our kids are very obviously from an island where a “long” drive is 20 minutes.

The house we are staying at is Patrick’s grandparent’s old house-it became part of his family in the 50’s. Its wild to think it has been in his family for 60 years! Its been 5 years since we were here last and I realized how I’ve missed it. The inside d├ęcor has a “frozen in time” feeling, with 50’s furnishings and linens. It is very quiet and far away from any main roads. Patrick and I look forward to taking the kids on some desert walks tomorrow on the trails around here. Such different hiking terrain than Alaska!


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