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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aunts and Uncles and Cousins

Aunts and Uncles and Cousin Love

This past week has been so great for cousin time together. It warms my heart to see the older cousins playing with the younger cousins. On our walk today, I noticed Sam (9) holding Stuey’s (4) hand for a long part of the walk- warmed my heart. I can tell Nora and Stuey admire Sam and Jack. In the morning, they are excited for Jack and Sam to get up.

My twin sister and I were the youngest of 30+cousins growing up; Our older cousins were the cool cats-we always wanted to be like them and do like them. During the summers they were the ones who would put lip gloss on us, take us water skiing, talk about boys, etc. Since Ella and I didn’t have older siblings, our cousins filled that role when we were with them. I see the same happening here. Except that Nora occasionally says to me “Mom, it seems like there are only boy cousins”… which is largely true.

It has also been fun to see the Aunt/Uncle relationships form, especially with Nora and her Aunt Polly. During dinner preparations the other night, Polly encouraged Nora helping her make apple crisp. She gave Nora lots of fun kitchen tasks and Nora soaked up every minute cooking with Aunt Polly.


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