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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Stuey's first Descent Of Pyramid

Stuey with skis at the start of the run - the crowning moment!

 Yesterday after our tide pooling adventures I took Stuey up Pyramid to go skiing while Nora did a box car derby out at the Coast Guard Base with the Girl Scouts.  

At the end of our trip to Alyeska last weekend we bought used downhill gear from the rental shop.  The guys in the shop liked to hear I'd be using the gear to teach my kids to ski without a lift, and gave us a pretty good deal.  As they put it, 'if your kids learn to ski they are more likely to come here'. I like that philosophy - Thank You Alyeska Ski Company!

And having ski gear that fits the kids certainly makes it easier to take them skiing.  So yesterday I took Stuey downhill skiing in the backcountry for the first time.  Last year we tried it on cross country skiis - but that doesn't count (click here for old post).  

It was a perfect day for it.  The snow had frozen up hard the night before and just the top 1/2 inch or so of the crust had thawed out in the sunshine.  I carried Stuey's boots and skis up the mountain and learned why I pay a premium for light backcountry gear - resort downhill gear is HEAVY!

When we arrived at the mountain there was a family with kids a ways up the mountain already.  Stuey saw them up there and raced off to catch up.  Last year I was always waiting for Stuey to catch up - not so this year.  I brought up the rear lugging his gear.  

I think Stuey was impressed with the amount of snow - 'not even any rocks showing', he shouted.  We did one run from the top almost to the bottom of the snow, and then he wanted to do another. That made my day. Those Alyeska ski lessons have certainly paid off.  

Next trip it's Nora's turn.


Stuey's Picture of the mountain from the parking lot

Stuey knew some of the other boys on the mountain

It got pretty bright with the sun on the snow

Almost there

And away he goes - he bombed the first part

Stuey does some turns

Climbing back up for another run!

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