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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lende Book Reading

About a month ago, Kodiak had the fortunate occasion to have Alaskan writer Heather Lende in town to do a reading. Heather has lived in Haines for many years and has been the obituary writer there for 20 years. The Kodiak College sponsored Lende's trip and she did an evening reading of her recent book "Find the Good" at Kodiak College.

Heathers' reading was well attended, and there were lots of misty eyes in the crowd as she read passages from her book.  A book reading brings the words to life-amplifies them. To hear Heathers words spoken by her was very powerful indeed.

After the reading there was an evening gathering of local writers with her. I enjoyed talking with Heather and hearing about her years as columnist at the  then-Ancorage Daily News. The stories which resonated the most with me in my current state as a columnist is how she, too, would scramble to find things to write about. This was comforting, as I, too,  sometimes find myself scramble for topics.

Heather has a beautiful, comforting presence. She is so grounded and positive. Such lovely energy. I"m so glad to have met her in person.


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