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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Break beach time

A picture speaks a thousand words... How Stuey felt about the hike at the beginning of our walk.

Shipwrecked boat which has sat on this beach for years. we'd never before seen it up  close.
 Today is the second day of school spring break and another day without non stop rain!

 This afternoon I wanted to drive out the road with the family-seems like we don't do that nearly enough, considering what a beautiful 40 miles of road system Kodiak has. We picked Patrick up and got to-go lunches from Java flats.

Patrick showed us a beach hike around the Marine Hill/Cliffpoint area-one I'd never before done. Stuey wasn't so into the hike at the start (Exhibit A is picture above) but by the end he had a great time. On the walk back we played a game where he would step on rocks and I would have to copy his exact foot steps on the same rocks. A few small rocks spoke to me, so I tucked them into my pocket and brought them home.

Patrick and Nora walked further along the beach, as Stuey and I sat and did rock drawings. He wrote "I Heart Mom" on his rock. Made me smile.


Stuey REALLY REALLY wanted to find a way to climb on board and was bummed when the reality sank in that he couldn't explore the insides.

Dogs are SO tired from great beach walk!

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alphabet soup said...


After almost a year of following the Saltonstall family blog and loving it, I have been lured into the comment box by your mention of Java Flats.

Towards the end of April, next month, I will arrive by cruise ship to visit Kodiak and started following your blog to see what I could learn about Kodiak from a less tourist-oriented view.

I have learned quite a lot; about school, hunting, cooking local food, skiing, glaciers camping, girl scouts and many other things not to be found on any official tourist site..

And Java Flats coaxed me out to make a comment because it looks like a great cafe and now I am saving for a taxi to take me out there lol

Ms Soup aka Brenda