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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Nudibranches Oh My!

Dorid Nudibranch Montereina nobilis - a 'Sea Lemon'

Yesterday I tried to attend the Democratic caucus - I really did! 

I went down to Fishermen's Hall with the kids in tow and started to wait in line, but the kids were fractious and it was so darn sunny outside.  Too sunny to go into a gloomy hall to discuss gloomy politicians.  Then someone told me the event would take more than an hour, and so we bailed and went to the beach with the dogs instead. 

I know Nora and Stuey think we made the right decision. 

We collected some kelp for seaweed chips, Brewster found and played keep away with a disgusting sculpin head, and we examined the tide pools for various life forms.  One of the cooler animals that we found were a couple of nudibranches.  I'd never noticed these animals before and they are just so weird looking.  Patrick

Red opuntia Opuntialla californica? I could not find this one in the book to my satisfaction

Close up of eggs on a rock - I wonder what animal left these?

Sheba - but if you look close I really like the boat on the horizon

Stuey cliff climbs

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