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Monday, March 14, 2016

Science Fair Projects

Nora discovered that spruce boughs do terrible in vinegar (left) and best in plain old water (right)

Last week the kids had to complete their science fair projects.  I was always dread the week before science fair - every evening brings drama as we try and get the projects together.  But then they were all done and the St Mary's science fair was on Tuesday.  It ended up great and Nora even got a third place ribbon for the 3rd and 4rth grade category  I guess the more work that goes into something the more it all means in the end.  The kids definitely learned a lot.

Nora's project stemmed from watching our Christmas tree needle at the end of the Holidays.  Nora decided she wanted to figure out what liquid under the tree would keep it from needling the longest.  She discovered that plain old water works best.

Stuey, our little white processed foods guy, wanted to look into the effects of yeast on muffins.  What is the optimal amount of yeast for maximum puffiness.  He discovered that the more yeast the better - at until you use twice as much as needed (he did not try more than that).  Now I wonder why the muffin recipes only call for so much yeast when more would be better?

I was actually a judge (for the 6th and 7th graders), and got to see how the whole process worked.  Next year I'll have some pointers for the kids on what the judges see. Maybe I'll even have some science 'cred' because I was a judge.  Patrick

Stuey found that lots of yeast made for puffier buns

The difference between Nora's branches after a couple of weeks sitting in various liquids

Stuey determines the water temperature used for the yeast

Nora took third place in the 3 & 4rth Grade category

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