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Monday, March 14, 2016


 Yesterday the sun came out for the first time all winter (felt like it anyhow). So Nora and I took the opportunity to go for a hike with the dogs.  The whole point of the hike was to get Brewster to swim.  Tank loves to swim and would plunge in after each stick.  Normally on land he is the slowest of the dogs, and often does not even bother to chase a thrown stick because he knows he'll lose.  But in water it is a different story.

At the pond we got threw stick after stick for the dogs and Tank was getting a bit waterlogged.  Sheba who always has been adverse to water was swimming, but not Brewster.  He'd wade into the water until his paws would leave bottom, and then sort of go, 'woah, that's a little deep' and back up.  Once he did swim about 3 strokes when Tank pulled him into the water during a stick tug of war.  But that was about it.  Brewster will swim on another day.  Patrick

The tide pools were full of pink coral and red starfish

My favorite Spongebob character - Patrick Star

Blueberry blossoms

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