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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Thanksgiving with the cousins

Patrick, Gretchen and Bart

The whole point of our trip out East was to attend the family Thanksgiving dinner.  The last big family Thanksgiving that we attended was back in 2007(click here for old blog post about event) - eight years ago!  So it was clearly time to hang out with some of the extended cousins and uncles.  And it was a big event - I counted 32 people in photos.  Uncle George had the event catered and the food was really good.  I can't imagine cooking and doing dishes for over 30 people!

For me it was interesting how the uncles and cousins had not really changed all that much since I last saw them.  But the nieces and nephews had all grown up and totally changed!  Patrick

Grandma Coco and namesake Coco the dog

Uncle Bart shucks oysters

Nora and Aunt Polly

My Thanksgiving dinner!


Another table of cousins and uncles

Anisha, Nora, Madeline, and Bo

Zoya and George

Grandma Coco, Polly and Patrick

Crazy eights with Nora, Anisha, and Maggy

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