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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hawaii Times

This morning a frog landed on me and last night I went to sleep with the songs of loud tropical birds outside my window. Definitely not Alaskan moments!

Yesterday I flew to Hawaii for a 1 week trip. My  plan is to take a 3 day drumming retreat with other women and have some reading and writing time alone.

I heard about the drumming retreat last August from a physical therapist, Tami Kent, in Oregon who I took classes with and it sounded appealing. Something TOTALLY different for me.

So here I am, in Hilo Hawaii for several days before my retreat.

This morning after discovering my BNB has very poor, sketchy WIFI, I had to search for it. I"m finishing up my 10 week writing class and my 10 page final paper is due tomorrow. Within walking distance of my BNB is a wonderful breakfast cafe.

A serving of eggs bennie with salmon, some coffee was all i needed to start editing away on my paper! Yay for WIFI at fun breakfast cafes!


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