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Thursday, December 03, 2015

A Visit to Aunt Sally's Farm

Nora, Stuey, and Bully Boy the Bull

One of Nora and Stuey's favorite visits while we were on vacation was to their cousin's farm.  We picked old apples from a tree and fed them to their pigs and cows.  Bully the Bull was particularly friendly and let Nora and Stuey pet him.  He is a HUGE bull.

While looking at all the cows I could not help but compare their body size to the elk I hunt.  We've always compared walking up to a dead elk as like looking down on a 'horse' or a 'cow' and then wondering how we were going to deal with it.  But we've never seen anything like Bully the Bull.  I bet he weighs 2500 pounds.  A Bully the Bull hindquarter would have been beyond any of our packing out capabilities.

The kids also liked collecting eggs from the henhouse.  Some of the chickens were sitting on the eggs and it was a little scary to stick your hand under a clucking, pecking chicken.  Stuey found a huge egg that we brought back with us to Alaska.  I bet it will have 2 yolks inside.  Stuey wants me to poach it but  I doubt it will fit into our egg poaching cups.  Patrick

Nora, Roxanne, Augusta, and Stuey

Nora and Bully Boy

Bully Boy has a BIG head

Nora and Cousins contemplate the cows

The pigs

Collecting eggs

Weighing and grading eggs for the market

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