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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Snow to Rain

Stuey cross country skiis earlier in the week

With Christmas came rain, but it was good at the golf course while it lasted.  I got in almost 2 weeks of cross country skiing.  Also it looks like it still snowed rather than rained up on the mountain.  So I do have a lot to be grateful for - maybe there will be skate ski anywhere crust up on the mountains.

On Christmas morning it was raining and blowing hard.  Zoya called the people we had planned a hike with and we were happy to hear everyone still wanted to go.  We got out to the Boy Scout Lake area and even in the woods it was pouring and the trees overhead were swaying back and forth against the sky.  I found at later that we went for our walk at the peak of the storm - sustained 50 mph winds with gusts in the 60s WOW!

A dramatic way to begin Christmas Day!

Practicing downhill ski with Brewster chasing

Last day of cross country skiing before the deluge
Intrepid hikers on Christmas morning

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